Kura | Schools //

Kura | Schools

Raa Whaanau | Birthdays //

Raa Whaanau | Birthdays

Where better to celebrate your birthday than at Hinterland Adventures!  Younger ones go mad for Outdoor Laser Tag & hunting their mates in our bush field and those 11yrs plus get to play the real deal Paintball for their birthday party.

Remember bookings are always essential at Hinterland Adventures.


Maarenatanga | Stag & Hen //

Maarenatanga | Stag & Hen Groups




Hinterland Adventures hosted lots of amazing stag and hen events over the years! Make your mates stag or hen do unforgettable & book some fun at Hinterland Adventures. It’s awesome to dress up the stag/hen, just ensure everyone can still wear a mask.

The Hinterland sites are BYO, so enjoy a drink AFTER your event.

(nb intoxicated persons cannot participate at Hinterland, so save drinking for afterwards).

Laser Tag or Archery is the perfect choice for those not so amped by Paintball shooting a competitive event well worth considering.  Call us today 0800 22 66 54.

Huinga Kaimahi | Work Do's //

Huinga Kaimahi | Work Do's

There’s something for every work group at Hinterland.

Target Shooting and Archery are popular choices catering for those looking for more sedate activities while still wanting that competitive edge.

Paintball and Laser Tag really get the adrenalin rushing and will challenge your team!

The activities are mobile (conditions apply) so can be run at a venue of your choice, allowing your corporate event to be in one location.

Large group discounts are available and activities can be combo’d.  So call us today to discuss the options 0800 22 66 54.

Koporeihana | Corporate //

Koporeihana | Corporate

Corporates as deemed by Hinterland Adventures are as follows;

  • Companies & businesses
  • Government Department & NGOs

Corporate Packages start from $85.00

Please contact us for further information. Call us 0800 22 66 54

Get in touch to book


Alternatively call us on 021 381 301